Ukraine and Romania after Parliamentary Elections 2012

Ukraine and Romania after Parliamentary Elections 2012″ roundtable was recently organized in Bucharest by Asociaţia Pro Democraţia in partnership with  Strategic and Security Studies Group and with the kind assistance of Black Sea Trust and SNSPA. The event is part of the Project «Ukraine and Romania after Parliamentary Elections 2012: New Challenges and New Opportunities for the Development of Relations» aimed at enhancing the knowledge of political elites, expert community and civil society of Ukraine and Romania regarding the priorities/emphasizes of the foreign policies of Ukraine and Romania (within the context of the results of Parliamentary elections in Ukraine and Romania) and to assist in elaborating common positions, adequate recommendations and efficient decisions regarding the development of bilateral relations between both countries, strengthening the strategic founding stones of cooperation and partnership in general.

The event assembled shcolars and experts in the field of Ukraine-Romania relations as well as diplomats and civil servants. Brief information on the event findings is here

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