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Ukraine – Romania: Enhancing Trust, Cooperation and Mutual Support

The proposed study covers the most important events, processes, and political decisions of the year 2020 that influenced the Romania-Ukraine bilateral dialogue. Also, this study includes a brief analysis of the recommendations proposed by Romanian and Ukrainian experts in 2019. The opinions of the authors do not necessarily reflect the views of the Strategic and [...]

Ukraine-Romania – New Regional Challenges: Looking for a Common Solutions for Existing Problems – Accents for Strengthening the Strategic Partnership

The regular discussions under the umbrella of the Romanian – Ukrainian Civil Society Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (supported by the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation) usually tackle both the promising dimensions of bilateral cooperation and the sensitive issues that cause misunderstandings. However, in 2020 except for overviewing the current stage of partnership and [...]

Fico chce dotovať podozrivú firmu prepojenú na Ukrajincov

Olexia Basarab – contribution for aktuality.sk (in Slovak) Premiér Fico chcel pred voľbami oznámiť zásadnú investíciu pre Banskú Bystricu. Nakoniec to vyzerá, že je z toho blamáž. Zdalo sa, že vláda pred voľbami ukáže ďalší tromf. Megainvestíciu za desiatky miliónov eur do výroby, ktorá má budúcnosť – výroby bezpečných elektronických dokladov, cenín, či platobných kariet.

Public protests escalate in Moldova

Sergiy Gerasymchuk – comment for Kyivpost The corrupt rule of liberal pro-European parties in Moldova has created an opening for pro-Russian forces, who are instigating anti-government protests. The protests in Moldova first erupted last spring, but turned violent on Jan. 20 when demonstrators in Chisinau broke into the parliament building, pulled out furniture and set [...]


There is a new government in Romania. What caused these changes and what are the similarities and differences between nowadays Romania and Ukraine you can see from the comments of the experts of Ukraine-Romania International Experts Consortium          collected by «Strategic and Security Studies Group».

Frozen Conflict in Moldova’s Transnistria: A Fitting Analogy to Ukraine’s Hybrid War?

Sergiy Gerasymchuk – the article for the Atlantic Council History is a great teacher, so it’s no surprise that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 2014 annexation of Crimea and his subsequent Kremlin speech justifying it brought back memories of the Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland in 1938. Parallels between Hitler and Putin abound, as do their [...]

Critical Perspectives and Critical Dimensions on the Ongoing Ukrainian Crisis

On April 3-4, 2015 SSSG International Programs Director Mr. Sergiy Gerasymchuk participated at the seminar “Critical Perspectives and Critical Dimensions on the Ongoing Ukrainian Crisis: Which Systemic Challenges to the EU-Russia Dialogue?” in Tartu (Estonia). The event was organized in cooperation with the University College London (UCL) and UCL’s “Platform Ukraine”, an interdisciplinary network aimed to [...]

Poroshenko Reprieves Seen Fleeting as Ukrainians Sour on Leader

Sergiy Gerasymchuk commenting for Bloomberg (Bloomberg) — Within the course of a few frantic hours on Thursday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko won conditional reprieves from bloodshed and bankruptcy. Now he’s got to win back an increasingly unhappy electorate seasoned in revolution.


On December 21, 2014 Klaus Iohannis will be inaugurated as a new president of Romania. What should Ukraine expect from the new president of the neighboring state? Will there be any correction to the foreign policy of Romania? Who is going to be among the key advisors of the new president?

NATO Challenged by Three Dichotomies: a View from Ukraine

Sergiy Gerasymchuk commenting on the challenges that NATO faces nowadays For many years NATO was an efficient security umbrella for transatlantic community and provided security guarantees for the countries of Western Europe in the time of the Cold war. Later on after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Iron Curtain [...]