Appeal of Strategic and Security Studies Group to Its Partners

Strategic and Security Studies Group is addressing its partners from Eastern, Central, Northern and Western Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia, Australia and Northern America, Japan.

We call to you to assist in spreading among your political parties and delivering to your respective governments the message regarding the necessity to provide international support to Ukraine in fair protection of its state sovereignty, constitutional law, territorial integrity, rights and freedoms of its citizens which are being violated by Russian Federation.

In dramatic times of revolutionary transformations in Ukraine when the people of Ukraine overthrew the oppression of totally corrupt oligarch-criminal regime, in the time of historical democratic renaissance of Ukrainian society, in the time when Ukraine like any other country in such circumstances was weak and vulnerable towards external interventions it was cynically and brutally hit by interference of world politics monster Russian Federation which invigorated separatism, military aggression and occupation. Being dissatisfied by the changes in the path of Ukraine: its democratic and European choice and being guided by imperialistic and revanchist motives, – Moscow blatantly attempted to overthrow new government of people’s trust by provoking ethnic clashes, separatism and open occupation of Ukrainian territories. Ukraine is in danger. Russia already occupied Crimea and does not exclude military strike in direction of Kharkov, Donetsk, Kherson and Odessa, considering the possibility of splitting Ukraine into two parts or even gaining Kyiv and the rest of Central, Northern and Western Ukraine.

The algorithm of Russian occupation can be implemented by the following scenario: first inspired and organized by Kremlin sabotage groups will hold anti-Ukrainian separatist “mass protests” leaders of which will demand joining Russia or by creating illegitimate fake “authorities” which will take separatist decisions and ask for protection and support from Russian party which respectively will provide such support.

The recent expression of Russia’s state terrorism was situation in Kharkov and Donetsk when Russian thugs and criminals attacked local and state authorities, peaceful meetings, and murdered participants of meetings in order to intimidate citizens and to decrease level of civil protest towards Russian military aggression.

We take the courage to remind that Ukrainians since ancient times till nowadays respected sovereignty and values of your respective countries and were committed to the principles of international law, served public good and prosperity, care about peace and tranquility, honestly stay and die for the sovereignty of your states within sanctioned by international community peace-making operations and are faithful and determined in protecting democracy and freedom.

Considering all the above mentioned we appeal to you with the request of full-fledged and active policy of support of your states to Ukraine which faces chauvinist and imperial blackmailing and open military threat.

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